Our mobile app allows users to shop at any store available on our platform and bypass checkout payment queues. Our aim is to provide a shopping experience in physical stores while making it accessible to all retail businesses. We are also committed to environmental protection and the reduction of food waste in grocery chains of all sizes by offering a centralized platform to manage consumption intelligently.

Planckly can assist you in increasing sales, whether you are vending goods on social media or operating an online or brick-and-mortar store. Our services include not only technology but also a comprehensive range of business support services. You have the option to manage everything on the Planckly platform by yourself or allow us to efficiently operate your e-store while still retaining complete control. You can upload your product catalogue, enable customers to locate your store on a map, engage in chats with customers, and send them personalized offers in the form of video messages.

Purchasers can shop on social media with assurance and additional safeguards from a platform, or they can use our app to explore all vendors and products available on our platform. Our app also allows customers to receive personalized discounts and offers, directly message sellers within the app, and seek assistance from the Planckly team in case of any problems.