We offer consulting solutions and analytical services to banks, insurers, brokerage houses, and other financial-services companies. Our domain expertise covers :

  • Corporate banking: Commercial lending and trade finance
  • Treasury: Asset liability management
  • Retail banking: Consumer lending and personal banking, governance, risk, and compliance
  • Professional skills: Leadership development, customer service management, business skills, interpersonal skills, sales, and marketing


Tech Adwiser provides highly experienced consultants, for work on client’s site, in the following areas:

  • Business Consultants: Knowledgeable and experienced Consultants in different aspects of the bank’s operations and the T24 modules.
  • Technical Consultants: T24 trained, certified and experienced Consultants in development and enhancement of T24 core software.
  • Performance & Database management experts: Experienced and sophisticated in the way they work, they play a very important and effective role in ensuring T24 is up to speed and is available 24/7 to the business users.