Internet Banking

Constant rise in the online presence of customers has driven traditional brick-and-mortar banks to establish themselves in the virtual space. However, there is still a pressing need to transform this online presence to build customer loyalty and drive additional revenue for banks.

Through Tech Adwiser’s solutions and services banks can differentiate themselves from generic service providers and cater to the needs of the growing number of technology savvy customers. The new capabilities of spend analysis, alerts and notifications significantly improve the online customer experience. It allows banks to configure rule-based offers personalized to the customer profile. The expanded assisted-channel support and built-in analytics enable relationship managers to map a 360-degree enterprise wide view of customer’s relationship with the institution’s offerings to optimize services,  as well as identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Through analysis of big data to gain a deeper understanding of customers habit. Customer behavior analysis such as footfall analysis would identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities; enabling banks to remain competitive in the financial market.